• "Mediterranean Summer"
    "Mediterranean Summer"
  • "Vibrant Blooms 1"
    "Vibrant Blooms 1"
  • "Hazy Daisy"
    "Hazy Daisy"
  • "Countryside Graze"
    "Countryside Graze"
  • "Vibrant Blooms 2"
    "Vibrant Blooms 2"
  • "An Apple a Day"
    "An Apple a Day"
  • "Old Town Cooper Patio"
    "Old Town Cooper Patio"
  • "If Life Hands You a Lemon. . ."
    "If Life Hands You a Lemon. . ."
  • "Old Glory"
    "Old Glory"
  • "Back At The Ranch"
    "Back At The Ranch"

About The Artist

Chrissie Ernst (CJ) is an established local artist and registered nurse.  She is a native of Colorado and has exhibited in local galleries and restaurants.  Her love of color is captured in her scenic and still life subjects painted in watercolor and acrylics. Chrissie has established her private studio in her home including  a gallery to exhibit her work.  In addition to her gallery work, commissioned paintings can be requested to replicate memorable events, people, and their homes. 

“Painting helps keep me balanced.  While I am painting, I am in the moment. I don’t think about the past or the future, I am brought into the here and now.” – CJ

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Artwork Types

All artwork in the gallery is available in canvas, watercolor and print finishes.

Note Cards

Note cards are available on all paintings.

CJ's Corner

CJ's artwork was on display this past fall at Coopersmith's Pub & Brewery.